Friday, November 22, 2013

ProgressNow Names new Executive Director

Keystone Progress, the PA Affiliate of ProgressNow, welcomes Arshad Hasan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – ProgressNow, a national grassroots communications organization with affiliates in 22 states, announced this week that they have named Arshad Hasan as their new Executive Director.  Hasan was previously the Executive Director of Democracy for America.  During his time at DFA, he developed and directed the DFA’s grassroots training programs, DFA Campaign Academy and DFA Night School before being elevated to the role of Executive Director. Prior to DFA, Arshad worked with a variety of PACs and non-profits on legislative issue campaigns, corporate accountability campaigns, grassroots fundraising and electoral campaigns.  

While Hasan was Executive Director of DFA, the organization doubled membership from 500k to 1M, grew the budget from $1.7M to $4.5M, and specialized in upset electoral victories with early backing of successful candidates like Reps Alan Grayson, Donna Edwards and Jerry McNerney.

Former Vermont Governor and founder of DFA Howard Dean said, “Having seen how passionately Arshad has been building grassroots groups in state after state, I know that his combination of ambition, enthusiasm, strategic thinking and experience will be the perfect fit for his new role as Executive Director for ProgressNow. "

Hasan takes over as executive director for Denise Cardinal, who is stepping down after spending the last six years in the ProgressNow network.  From 2007 to 2010, Cardinal was the Executive Director of ProgressNow’s Minnesota affiliate, Alliance for a Better Minnesota.  She then took over as Executive Director of ProgressNow. 

"I can think of no one better than Arshad to head the ProgressNow family of organizations," Cardinal said. "He knows firsthand the important role our network plays in fighting state-level battles against corporate interests trying to game the system and extremist right wing legislation that takes away our rights. He's a team player and will work closely with our state and national allies as we continue this vital work."

“Arshad is a dynamo. Whether leading DFA as executive director or dropping everything for a week to go canvassing on a ballot initiative at a crucial moment, he brings a passion and commitment to state issues that is all too rare in a national leader,” said Becky Bond, Vice President and Political Director for Credo Action. “Arshad is a joy to work with and we look forward to seeing him honor Denise Cardinal's wonderful work by continuing to build the ProgressNow network and give activists in the states an even stronger launch pad for campaigns that can win real progessive change.”

The ProgressNow network, which has grown to 22 states in 2013, promotes progressive ideas and causes via creative earned media strategies, targeted email campaigns and cutting-edge new media. 

“In my time at DFA I've come to learn that the key to organizational success isn't simply to do more, it is an organization knowing what it excels at, and doing it even better – identify a niche, double down on strengths, and grow deeper before growing wider,” Hasan said.  “ProgressNow is unafraid to pick a smart fight and is tenacious in its determination to win that fight. This is what attracts me to the organization. I'm excited to add my talent, experience, and skills to the already-existing pool of talented progressive practitioners in the ProgressNow network.”

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