Thursday, April 3, 2014

Keystone Progress PAC announces second round of endorsements

(HARRISBURG, PA)—The Keystone Progress Political Action Committee (KPPAC) announced its second round of endorsements today.  This included seven candidates running for seats in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
  • Rep. Ed Gainey (D, HD 24, Allegheny County)
  • Rep. Mike Schlossberg (D, HD 132, Lehigh County)
  • Vince Rongione (D, HD 163, Delaware County)
  • Billy Smith (D, HD 164, Delaware County)
  • Rep. Mike O’Brien (D, HD 175, Philadelphia)
  • Rep. Brian Sims (D, HD 182, Philadelphia)
  • Liz Forrest, (D, HD 189, Monroe, Pike Counties)
KPPAC previously announced endorsements of Rep. Erin Molchany (D, HD 36, Allegheny County) and Linda Small (D, SD 28, York County).

“All of these candidates have shown clear support for progressive values, including civil rights, workers’ rights, voting rights, protecting our environment, supporting public education and affordable health care,” said Ritchie Tabachnkick, the chair of KPPAC. “These are the values that our members want to see championed in Harrisburg”.

Each of the endorsed candidates is a strong supporter of quality public education for children; supports a raise in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour; will fight to close corporate tax loopholes; supports a woman’s right to control her reproductive choices; supports marriage equality; and will work to protect our environment, our economy and our democracy.

“Keystone Progress has grown to be one of the most powerful progressive organizations in Pennsylvania.  Our board of directors has recognized that we can have an impact beyond our usual issue-based work by getting actively involved in electing progressive candidates,” said Michael Morrill, speaking for the PAC. “We can’t win on our most important issues if we keep electing people who don’t share our values.”

Keystone Progress has hundreds of thousands of members who frequently take action on a variety of progressive issues.  Keystone Progress members will be encouraged to support endorsed candidates through their votes, volunteering for campaign work and by making contributions.

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