Thursday, April 3, 2014

Keystone Progress: Statement on the Ryan Budget Proposal

Paul Ryan’s budget crushes working families and the middle class, to benefit the super-rich and corporations that ship our jobs overseas.  Every member of Congress who votes for this budget will be voting to privatize Medicare, gut Medicaid, throw millions of Americans off their health insurance, take food from the mouths of children and cut tuition assistance from college students. A vote for the Ryan budget is a vote to give millionaires a $200,000 tax cut, while raising taxes on middle-class families with children by $2,000. By draining the economy of billions of dollars, the Ryan budget will derail any chance of economic progress, costing 4.5 million Americans their jobs in the next two years. A vote for the Ryan budget is a vote for a less hopeful America, where the super-rich get even richer while working families and the middle-class can no longer care and support their families. Instead, we urge members of Congress to vote for the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget’s vision of an America that works for all of us.”

Every member of Congress who votes for the Ryan budget will be voting to:
     Privatize Medicare and raise the age of eligibility for Medicare. And in the height of hypocrisy, keep the $716 billion in Medicare savings that Ryan and Republicans have railed against. 
     By repealing the Affordable Care Act, take health coverage away from the 10 million Americans who are now insured through the ACA, and return Americans to the days when insurance companies could turn them down because of a pre-existing condition.
     Gut the Medicaid program, cutting $732 billion, forcing states to decide which children, parents, people with disabilities or seniors to cut from Medicaid.
     Open up a huge new tax loophole to allow corporations to ship profits overseas and cut corporate tax rates, even as corporate taxes make up the lowest share of federal revenues ever.
     Slash basic food aid provided by SNAP (food stamps) by $135 billion and make states decide which low-income children, working parents, seniors and people with disabilities should go hungry.
     Make huge cuts in vital services, from education, to medical research, to job training while actually raising Pentagon spending by almost half-a-trillion dollars.
     By draining hundreds of billions of dollars out of the economy, cost 4.5 million Americans their jobs in just the next two years.

There is an alternative to the Ryan budget. The 75 members of the House Congressional Progressive caucus have written a budget that puts working families and the middle-class ahead of the wealthy and big corporations. Their budget will put 7 million Americans back to work modernizing schools and rebuilding roads, saves seniors on Medicare billions of dollars by stopping drug company price gouging, increases support for educating our children all while reducing the deficit by closing tax loopholes that allow the billionaires to pay less than their secretaries and corporations to ship their jobs overseas and raising money from Wall Street speculators.

We urge members of Congress to reject Ryan’s vision of an  America that works only if you are rich  and vote for the Congressional Progressive Budget’s vision of an America that works for all of us.
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