Monday, June 30, 2014

KP Statement on Harris v. Quinn

Brenda Barron, Organizing Director of Keystone Progress, issued the following statement on today’s Supreme Court Decision in Harris v. Quinn.
“This ruling is an attack on economic security of women and families across the country and Pennsylvania.  By limiting the ability of low-income workers to organize, the Supreme Court has effectively cut the ability of home care workers to earn a livable income.  The fact remains that homecare workers want to build their union, lift wages for caregivers, and ensure quality care for people with disabilities and seniors -- today's ruling makes that much more difficult.
"Here are some facts about homecare workers:
•           Over 90 percent of homecare workers and childcare workers are women.
•           More than half are people of color.
•           More than 20 percent of workers in these occupations live below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level, and half live below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.
•           The median age of these workers is 45.
•           Only 14 percent have employer-sponsored health insurance, and only 8 percent have any employer-provided retirement benefits.
“Attacks on public sector unions are not just attacks on workers, they are also attacks on the essential public services these workers provide.  The Supreme Court decision in Harris will significantly harm the recipients of those services, including many vital programs serving low income women such WIC, SNAP and HeadStart.” 

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