Thursday, October 9, 2014

The National ‘Put the Middle Class First’ Bus Tour Headed to Pennsylvania, To Be Joined By U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle

18-State Tour to Underscore Clear Choice Voters Face in November:
Democrats’ Middle-Out Approach to Building an Economy That Works for Everyone vs.  Tom Corbett and Mike Fitzpatrick’s Top-Down Tea Party Approach That Works Only for the Wealthy Few & Big Corporations
Washington DC – Americans United for Change has hit the road with the national “Put the Middle Class First” bus tour to help drive home the clear choice before voters on November 4 between having a Democratic Congress that works for them or a Tea Party Congress that works for corporate special interests like the Koch brothers.  NEXT STOP: Pennsylvania onThursday, October 9 at 10am ET in Philadelphia, 1pm in Harrisburg and 5:30pm in Pittsburgh*SEE DETAILS BELOW. With the backdrop of the 45’ long ‘fair shot advocate on wheels’, Americans United will be joined byCongressman Mike Doyle, Dr. Manan Trivedi, Kevin Strouselocal labor leaders and seniors’ advocates who agree that a strong economy can only be built to last from the middle-out. The alternative? : The Top-Down Tea Party approach espoused by Gov. Tom Corbett, U.S. Reps. Pat Meehan (R-PA-07) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA-08) of giving more tax breaks to millionaires that never manage to create job but always manage to undermine middle class priorities like education and Medicare.

While the economy is picking up speed, many American families are still struggling to climb into the middle class and stay there. The reason: incomes have been stagnant or even shrinking for more than a decade at the same time the cost of food, child care, college, housing, retirement security, and basic necessities has soared.  That’s why all eyes are on lawmakers to make critical investments in education, innovation and infrastructure that will create more jobs, opportunity, and an economy that works for everyone. But instead, Tea Party Republicans have stood in the way of every reasonable proposal made by President Obama and Democrats to move the country forward, even if it meant shutting down the government and hurting the economy.  Instead, they have made sure this Congress has been the least productive and most beholden to the special interests in U.S. history. The Enablers: Pat Meehan voted in lock step with the Tea Party 71% of the time and Mike Fitzpatrick rubberstamped their extreme agenda 73% of the time.

Four years in a row, Meehan and Fitzpatrick helped fellow House Republicans pass a budget plan that voucherizes Medicare, slashes Medicaid, Pell grants and child care services, and shortchanges badly needed repairs to America’s crumbling bridges and roads. At the same time, the Ryan-Meehan-Fitzpatrick budget protects Big Oil subsides and gives away $5 trillion in new tax breaks for millionaires and corporations that outsource U.S. jobs. Not to be outdone, Republican Governors like Tom Corbett are enacting their own Robin Hood in Reverse policies, from tax breaks geared towards the super-wealthy, to gutting public education, to refusing to accept available Medicaid resources to cover thousands of vulnerable citizens including Veterans who living one health emergency away from bankruptcy.  The Koch brothers, Big Insurance and Wall Street are clearly very satisfied customers judging by the millions of dollars they continue to funnel into Republican campaigns like that of Corbett, Meehan, and Fitzpatrick.
In contrast, Democrats in Congress have a detailed set of proposals that put the middle class first, giving more Americans a fair shot at getting into the middle class and achieving the American Dream, including: Ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work; Making college affordable; Raising the Minimum Wage; Creating jobs by investing in infrastructure; and Protecting Social Security and Medicare from benefit cuts, voucher and privatization schemes.

WHO:             Dr. Manan Trivedi, Iraq War veteran and Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania's 6th congressional district
Kevin Strouse
, Democrat for Congress in Pennsylvania's 8th District
Joyce Koch of the Koch Sisters
Frank Snyder, Secretary/Treasurer of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO
Wayne Burton, President, PA Alliance for Retired Americans
Alice Hoffman, Executive Board Member, PA Alliance for Retired Americans
John Meyerson, UFCW Retiree, Raise the Wage Coalition
WHERE:       Love Park, 1599 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA

WHEN:          Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 10 am ET


WHO:             Sandy Strauss, Director of Advocacy and Ecumenical Relations
Alice Hoffman, Executive Board Member, Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans
Mark Price, Labor Economist, Keystone Research Center
Mike Crossey, President, Pennsylvania State Education association
WHERE:       Pennsylvania State Capitol, 3rd St and State StHarrisburg, PA

WHEN:          Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 1 pm ET


WHO:             U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA 14th District) 
Thomas M. Conway, International Vice President, United Steelworkers
Rick Bloomingdale, President, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO
Carmen Marcantoni, Zone Coordinator, Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans and AFSCME Retiree    
WHERE:       United Steel Workers60 Boulevard of the AlliesPittsburgh, PA 15222

WHEN:         Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 5:30 pm ET

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