Monday, February 22, 2016

Josh Shapiro wins straw poll of Keystone Progress activists

Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro won a straw poll of progressive activists at the Keystone Progress Summit ( this weekend.  

Shapiro dominated the Attorney General poll, garnering 64.5% of the vote, with Stephen Zappala receiving 26.4% and John Morganelli getting 8.0%.  Other canadiates or “none of the above” took less than 1%.

Questions were posed by members of the audience of Keystone Progress members and by representatives of progressive organizations including labor unions, environmental, women’s and civil rights groups.

The debate was part of the annual Keystone Progress Summit, Pennsylvania’s largest gathering of progressive activists.  This year’s Summit attracted 700 hundred activists for inspirational speakers, educational workshops, trainings, parties and other events.

“The results of the poll do not indicate an endorsement by Keystone Progress,” said Michael Morrill, executive director of Keystone Progress.  “Our straw poll is simply a snapshot of the views of Pennsylvania’s most active and passionate progressive activists. Keystone Progress will begin its endorsement process this week.”

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