Friday, April 1, 2016

Keystone Progress forgoes annual April Fool’s new release, saying “We can’t make up anything more absurd than the GOP primary.”

(HARRISBURG, PA)—Keystone Progress is known for its annual April Fool’s news releases, mocking an absurd issue or event in Pennsylvania politics.  This year, Keystone Progress couldn’t find a way to be more absurd than reality.

“The Republican presidential primary is Theatre of the Absurd,” said Keystone Progress executive director Michael Morrill.  “Republican presidential candidates are talking about banning Muslims from entering the United States, jailing women who have abortions, using nuclear weapons in Europe and patrolling neighborhoods, based on religion. How can we make up something crazier than this?”

Last year, Keystone Progress (KP) issued a news release announcing the formation of “Kids Against Education,” a fictitious organization mocking the anti-education budget of the Pennsylvania GOP.  KP even created a mock campaign ad featuring kids who were glad the GOP budget proposal would make cuts that could shorten the school year. 

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  1. Donald Trump said "I love the uneducated". That's the party motto. Keep them uneducated and they will always vote Republican.